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Susann is 34 years old and as producer, composer, lyricist and vocalist part of the band Avalight.

Susann has always been musical.

As a child, she taught herself numerous instruments, including the saxophone, the drums and the bassoon.

With the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020, she started to support Saeed in his classical compositions with regard to music notation, layout and website design.

Through contact with Saeed’s symphonies and classical pieces, she became more and more interested in composing herself.

She taught herself how to read music and play the piano.

It didn't take long for her to start composing classical pieces, film music as well as pop songs that she played and sang on the piano.

Together with Saeed, she decided to leave her home country Germany in order to start their musical life in Switzerland.

So they founded the band Avalight through Saeed's initiative in October 2021.

Susann composes, writes lyrics, sings and takes on many organizational tasks in the band.

In addition, she recently taught herself the technical know-how for music production together with Maxima and Malizia.

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