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Saeed is the founder, manager and main producer of the band Avalight. He is also our mentor and the greatest musical and personal coach you could possibly wish for.

He is the one who made everything possible what we not even could imagine several months ago.

He is unbelievably professional and exacting.

Saeed has composed exceptional music. His music consists of pop music, film music as well as classical music. 

His music is an infinite adventure journey through sounds and transcendental experiences with an unprecedented beauty and intensity.

It carries the mission to connect people from all over the world through the most beautiful and only universal language and to ensure peace, understanding and joy.

More information about him can be found on his website

Saeed grew up in a family of artists in Tehran. Yet it was not his destiny to study music, but to follow the magical and mystical call of the music in his heart. This call brought him to Germany at a young age and inspired him to thousands of compositions.

Saeed believes that true music comes from a divine source, an oasis of sounds far beyond the world we know. A source where the human ego no longer exists and the divine creativity takes the lead.

The world of Saeed's music comprises many musical genres, from classical across modern to film music, musical, pop and rock. However, his heart beats particularly for classical music.


Saeed has a special preference for piano music and great symphonic works. His first symphony is the symphonic poem on Spartacus

which takes the audience on an extraordinary journey. The Spartacus Symphony is expected to be premiered in summer 2023.

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