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Cover Art

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The multi-talent band Avalight is releasing their second single on 26th May and the Deluxe Version of the song on 22nd June 2023. “Ocean of Infinity is not just a song; it is a vision!” says 18-year-old singer-songwriter and band member Malizia Manni who sung and co-wrote the pop song; inspired by a true story…




Composer and producer Saeed Habibzadeh wrote a story inspired by true events that inspired Malizia to come up with the theme of the song. It is a heart-breaking love story of a young couple who find the love of their life on their summer vacation. Ocean of Infinity is portraying the feeling of losing a loved one. But it does not leave the listener alone with this feeling; it shares the empowering message: There is no loss! We will meet again, sooner or later!

Read the full story:

Their fateful encounter happened on a hot summer day on a beautiful beach. Although there was a lot happening on the beach, they only had eyes for each other. Eventually they approached each other and introduced themselves. It turned out he was a local young man from the area and she was there on holiday with her family for a fortnight. They knew this was the love of their life and she was secretly happy that they met on her first day of vacation. Despite adverse circumstances and the demands of her family, she spent every minute with him. He showed her beautiful landscapes of the area that tourists usually didn't get to see. But the most beautiful moments for the two were when they swam together in the ocean and he showed her the corals and fish a few meters deep. He explained to her that he went fishing every day to get fresh fish for his father's restaurant, where he worked. This way he was able to earn good money during the school holidays. He kept inviting her to eat at his father's restaurant on the beach. On her last day of vacation, he didn't show up at the appointed time. Hours went by and no call, no text, nothing. She ran to the restaurant and the father worriedly told her that his son had not returned from fishing this morning, which was very unusual for him. It turned out that there had been a violent thunderstorm in the early hours of the morning, which made the two of them feel uneasy. Late in the evening, the boy's fishing gear and his broken boat were found washed up on the beach. His father and the police searched for him all night without success. Neither the father nor the girl could sleep that night. The father cried a lot and confessed to her that he had never seen his son happier than with her and that he had now lost him. She comforted him and said: “I can feel that he is alive, he is not dead.” The next day she refused to fly back with her family. All attempts to stop her did not work. So, her family gave her some money and allowed her to stay with the father for a week at most. Two days later, fishermen from an island not far away informed the father that they had rescued the son from distress at sea and taken him to hospital. The two immediately rushed there. They were told that the boy had since fallen into a coma and was unresponsive. Still, no one could stop her from going to him and staying with him. The hospital staff learned about the two's story from the father and therefore allowed her to stay with him day and night. She held his hand and sang for him, told him stories and gently stroked his hair. After two weeks and many hours of uncertainty, he woke up from the coma and she was the first, the most beautiful and the most loving thing he had ever seen. They promised each other that day, laughing and in tears, that they would never be without each other again. And they keep that promise to this day.



Malizia had the inspiration for the song on her 17th birthday. In a few minutes, she wrote the first verse and the chorus on the keyboard. A few days later, she played it to her friend, producer and band-member Saeed Habibzadeh on the grand piano. He immediately recognized the great potential of the song. After they moved to Switzerland in 2022, Saeed started to orchestrate the piece. During this process, the song got its ocean concept, its title, its structure and lots of other important musical elements by Saeed.  Later on, Malizia´s sister and band-member Maxima joined the project with an extraordinary sound engineering, mixing and mastering. The song is released on 26th May 2023.

There is a deluxe version of the song which will be released on 22nd June 2023. It is about three minutes longer than the original version and contains lots of beautiful orchestral elements that immediately put you in the feeling of the song. A feeling of pure love.



Like all the projects of Avalight, Ocean of Infinity is more than a song, it is a concept. Beautifully and largely orchestrated by band member, classical & film composer Saeed Habibzadeh, it feels like a movie soundtrack.

Avalight lay great emphasis on the meaning and impact of their songs. Ocean of Infinity has a very peaceful and calm mood, created by Malizia´s soothing voice and the beautiful orchestration. It is easy to listen to. Especially in these stressful times, this is what people need.



Malizia is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Germany. Since November 2022, she is part of the band Avalight. Ocean of Infinity is her debut single. When she was 10, she realized she was unhappy and sad about this world and decided to do something. Two years later she wrote her first song on the guitar and realized that she wants to give beautiful presents to the world through music. It fulfils her to contribute to making people feel better. But this is not all. With her music she wants to remind people of how beautiful the world can be, how beautiful it is to give love to others and to be peaceful in the heart. She believes that the true nature of human beings, deep in their hearts, is perfect, peaceful and full of love.

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