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Being 16 years of age, Maxima is the youngest member of Avalight.

In 2020, due to the Covid pandemic, she spent a lot of time at home.

Thus, she decided to support Saeed in his classical compositions.

This support consisted of preparing the notation and scores.

In the process, new ideas, themes and motifs were constantly being created at the piano, which were later to play a special role.

She became more and more interested in playing the piano and taught herself sheet music and how to play the instrument respectively.

With Saeed's support, she began to compose her own music.

This is how the fire and love for music arose in her.

Soon, after many days of musing and deliberation, she realized that she is a musician and wanted to devote her life to music.

In 2021 she joined Saeed and Susann and Malizia's decision to leave the country and emigrate to Switzerland.

For this decision, she left school as the best student in her class, her home, friends and family to start a band in Switzerland with her closest friends and only make music.

The fruits of this long journey are the songs, film music albums and much more which will be presented to the global public from November 2022 on.

Maxima composes, sings, writes lyrics and helps Saeed with the technical implementation of the songs.

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