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Being 18 years of age, Malizia is the second youngest member of Avalight. She is Maxima's sister.

In 2020-2022, due to the Covid pandemic, she spent her last two years in homeschooling before graduating from high school.

Because she was progressing so much faster than the actual classes, she had more time to focus on what she really enjoyed: the music.

She began to support Saeed in his classical compositions with regard to music notation and layout.

Through contact with classical music, she became more and more interested in playing the piano and singing.

She taught herself how to read music and play the piano.

It didn't take long for her to start composing her own music.

First it was classical pieces and later pop songs that she played and sang on the guitar or piano.

Along with Maxima, they used the time gained from homeschooling to teach themselves singing and songwriting.

After much deliberation and graduating from high school as the best in her class, she agreed with Saeed and Susann in their decision to leave their home country Germany together with their sister Maxima in order to start their musical life in Switzerland.

So they founded the band Avalight through Saeed's initiative in October 2021.

Malizia composes, writes lyrics, sings and takes on many organizational tasks in the band.

In addition, she recently taught herself the technical know-how for music production together with Maxima and Susann.

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