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Enjoy our first single "Follow the Christmas Light"!

Listen to the first 30 seconds for free.

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Follow the Christmas Light is the debut single of the band Avalight. It is available worldwide since November 24, 2022. The song is composed and produced by Saeed Habibzadeh (59) and sung by Malizia (18), Susann (34) and Maxima (16) (from left to right), all four, forming the band Avalight with an unprecedented, new concept. The band pushes the boundaries of genres with its music ranging from pop to all kinds of styles like rock, country or jazz.



Follow the Christmas Light wants to remember of the true values of Christmas. Avalight had several songs finished at the time, when suddenly the inspiration for a Christmas song arose. It was composed, produced and recorded within only two weeks. Follow the Christmas Light makes Christmas as magical as it was, when we were children. It is an easy-going, light-hearted and happy song that everyone truly can enjoy. There is a Deluxe Edition of the song with about two more minutes than the Radio Version, which we could not hold back from our fans.



Avalight is a newly founded band that consists of its four members Maxima (16), Malizia (18), Susann (34) and Saeed (59), spanning three generations. This brings a lot of diversity and uniqueness to the band. Its music is ranging from pop to all kinds of genres like rock, country or jazz. Maxima, Malizia and Susann are the vocalists of the band, all three having very special voices complementing each other beautifully. Saeed Habibzadeh is the main composer, producer and manager of the band. Follow the Christmas Light is just the start of their success story. Avalight has thousands of inspirations for new songs and is looking forward to share them with the world. The band was founded in November 2022 and is based in Switzerland.



“Follow the Christmas Light is a true Christmas reminder.”

“The song makes one want to dance and sing along.”

“This is the best Christmas song, there is.”

“I was remembered of my childhood, when me and my family used to watch Christmas movies.”

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